Chris Saves a Fortune

When 18 year old Chris Berry (UK) gets behind the wheel you really don’t want to be behind him. Poor Chris, desperate to get driving his old P-reg VW Polo was quoted up to a staggering £17,800 a year to insure his £400 car..! 

The Average cost of insuring a young new male driver in the UK is around £8,200. So it was not surprising when he decided to use some alternative transport that had been in the family for some years. Chris now drives the family’s 1953 Ford Major tractor. It has a massive 4 litre engine and can reach a top speed of 40 mph and its road tax exempt! However, there’s not much protection from the rain and it’s hardly a “Lady Puller”… But on the plus side it did only cost him £57 to insure. Who knows, Chris may have started a trend. If you have a low cost working tractor for sale in the UK, do let us know, there are many 18 year olds in need.