Giant Hole Eats Lorry

An investigation is under way in northeast China after a giant hole opened up in a road bridge, swallowing a passing lorry. 
Two men who were inside the lorry were injured when the road collapsed beneath their vehicle, causing them to plunge into the river below. The hole in the bridge measured approximately 14 metres by five metres, and developed in a section of the bridge that was built as an extension in 1995. Local media reported that authorities suspect the lorry, which was carrying steel pipes, was overloaded. However, the dramatic hole in the bridge across the Yitong River in Changchun city, the capital of Jilin province, is not the only such incident of a road structure failure in China in recent months. Earlier in May, another lorry fell through a giant sinkhole that opened up in a Beijing Street, with reports that it could be due to construction work for a subway system. And in February three people were injured when a motorway viaduct collapsed in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. The UK Foreign Office warned the, "poor quality of roads and generally low driving standards" make road travel in China particularly dangerous. 
Moral of the story… take the train.