Imagine our surprise!
Bulgarian National TV are here!
Television channels BHT, TV7 and btvNEWS... to name just a few!
Well... it was around 8:30am and we were counting down to the start of Bobby Martin's  All Day Breakfast Show - All Day because it's broadcast all around the world... When, we hear the crunching of stones under boots from several camera men coming up the drive... 

"HELLO HELLO!" we hear... 
"We are here to see Trust Global Radio and to interview Bobby Martin"... 

Well that's exactly what they did.. and it all happened LIVE on air with Trust Global Radio as well - of course Bobby interviewed them too. 
See some of the interviews by clicking the images above or BHT , TV7 or btvNEWS. 
Thank you to TV7, BHT, btvNEWS and all the Bulgarian television stations who have visited us. AND... a BIG thank you to the Bulgarian National and local Newspapers who have written about us too - A wonderful surprise and very much appreciated!

Meet Gator the goose

This is "Gator" 
the goose. 
He wears custom sandals which were made for him by his owners so his feet don't get sore after too much walking on concrete. Bob and Lauree Strouse designed the fancy goose footwear to protect the goose’s webbed feet on the pavements of St Augustine in Florida. 
What a great idea! 

Described as a 'rescue goose' by his owners, Bob and Lauree picked up their pet goose from the side of a lake filled with very hungry alligators. After saving him and taking him home they named the poor goose 'Gator Bait', a name which has since been shortened to “Gator”. 

Is This Rocket Science ?

Bomb disposal experts know just what they are doing - don't they?... and of course we appreciate everything they do. 

How about these three from… well let’s not say where from… Let’s just say they are experts in their field.
If you look closely you will see that the two guys holding the bomb have their eyes closed tight. 
If it goes BOOM they will be OK… 
Closing your eyes will have that effect.  (NOT!!!).

However, we are more concerned about the guy with the axe and the knife bashing the top of the bomb… with health and safety in mind we are worried he might cut himself. That axe looks sharp and the knife is very …. pointy…

Russian Football Team to Play in Bikinis

Let's hope the sun is shining for them... 
we don't want them to catch a cold.
Yes it’s true… this Russian Ladies Team will play in bikinis in an effort to attract fans to the club, which has like many other Russian clubs, seen a drop in match day ticket sales. If there were only more games like this we are sure that more men would give up fishing for football. 

However, after counting the number of girls in the picture supplied by the club, we have to wonder why there are only nine girls when all guys know that there are eleven in a football team… (well there was when we last saw Manchester United playing), plus of course the subs… and those who carry the water, stretcher and oranges… Let us know what you think.

Picture above... Security Police at the game.

Halfords are the only company making money right now and we think we know why….

 Bicycle sales are UP while the rest of the market would seem to be in economic decline. Could this be why?

Thousands of people have been taking to the streets recently on their bikes riding NAKED. It really is happening all around the world as a protest to highlight the damage caused to the planet by car dependency. Although some might be doing it just to get a tan!
People of both sexes, all ages and every conceivable shape and size decided to fully disrobe to promote road safety and cycling as an environmentally-friendly form of transport. Shouting "save the planet" as they peddled naked. But some riders tried to preserve their modesty with body paint and strategically-placed flowers during the events, most of which ended with a post-ride swim or picnic.

Just out of curiosity... if there was a "naked bike ride protest" in your town, would you join in too? Do let us know. For those in the world that didn't know... Halfords sell bikes...

The answer is 340 ubdecillion – so what’s the question?

The answer.... 
How many IP addresses can you squeeze into IPv6.
It’s a very big number…


That’s what it looks like but what is it?
Well, way back in time when the internet was created… that’s about the 1970’s for those who don’t know… The internet was designed around Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), which could cope with 4 billion addresses. At the current rate of growth that number will be exceeded by September 2011. That would then mean any new device with an internet address would not work. 

So over the past couple of days all the BIG players like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and the like, have been switching all their systems over to IPv6. So is that why we had so many problems with Skype over the past few days…? Who knows…  

But, if the switchover had failed to work you would not be reading this now.
Hurrrrrrraaay for IPv6 – it will cope with a whole lot more IP addresses – so the internet goes on, for a few more years at least with 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 
IP addresses for us all to use up.

Pillow Fighting World Championships 2011

Will this be the next Olympic sport? The odds are probably against it, but then again, who knows…
Here Katherina Merkle (right) of Austria hits Jen Tullock of the USA in the preliminary round.

You only have to look at the faces of those competing to see that they really are very serious about their sport. Held in New York, this ladies only competition was fearlessly fought by some strong competitors... hopefully using only regulation size pillows!

The winner here on the right is Grondinger of Austria who is celebrating with teammates. 

Lets hope this really does take off around the world. We'll do our best to help it along. 
Let us know if you'll help too.
Router News

This is Extreme Camping

When you think of camping it’s usually in a field or a wood with the sound of birds singing or cattle munching on the grass, and maybe the soft splash of a local stream.

NOT for Alex Lowe (seen above changing his socks). His idea of camping is hanging 4,000 feet above the ground on the edge of a cliff with his mates. Seen here, on a cliff face in Canada’s Baffin Island. 
He said, “it’s not too scary once you get used to the idea of car size chunks of snow falling past you”. Excellent fun!
On the downside… there’s no popping out for a MacDonalds breakfast. 

Tell us what you think 

Giant Hole Eats Lorry

An investigation is under way in northeast China after a giant hole opened up in a road bridge, swallowing a passing lorry. 
Two men who were inside the lorry were injured when the road collapsed beneath their vehicle, causing them to plunge into the river below. The hole in the bridge measured approximately 14 metres by five metres, and developed in a section of the bridge that was built as an extension in 1995. Local media reported that authorities suspect the lorry, which was carrying steel pipes, was overloaded. However, the dramatic hole in the bridge across the Yitong River in Changchun city, the capital of Jilin province, is not the only such incident of a road structure failure in China in recent months. Earlier in May, another lorry fell through a giant sinkhole that opened up in a Beijing Street, with reports that it could be due to construction work for a subway system. And in February three people were injured when a motorway viaduct collapsed in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. The UK Foreign Office warned the, "poor quality of roads and generally low driving standards" make road travel in China particularly dangerous. 
Moral of the story… take the train.

Chris Saves a Fortune

When 18 year old Chris Berry (UK) gets behind the wheel you really don’t want to be behind him. Poor Chris, desperate to get driving his old P-reg VW Polo was quoted up to a staggering £17,800 a year to insure his £400 car..! 

The Average cost of insuring a young new male driver in the UK is around £8,200. So it was not surprising when he decided to use some alternative transport that had been in the family for some years. Chris now drives the family’s 1953 Ford Major tractor. It has a massive 4 litre engine and can reach a top speed of 40 mph and its road tax exempt! However, there’s not much protection from the rain and it’s hardly a “Lady Puller”… But on the plus side it did only cost him £57 to insure. Who knows, Chris may have started a trend. If you have a low cost working tractor for sale in the UK, do let us know, there are many 18 year olds in need.

President Obamas Beast Gets Stuck

It is fitted with some of the most sophisticated technology in the world but one of Barack Obama's armoured cars has been brought to a halt by a speed bump.

The bomb-proof Cadillac ran into trouble as the presidential cavalcade was leaving the US Embassy in Dublin.
It stopped at the entrance when its bomb-proof undercarriage caught on the slightly raised ground at the gate. The $1m vehicle, protected with bullet-proof glass, a panic button and its own oxygen supply, had to be abandoned. Fortunately it was the back-up car and had been carrying the president’s security detail rather than the Obamas themselves. When the president is travelling in one of the specially-fitted cars, it is officially called Cadillac One - but they have been nicknamed The Beast because of their security specifications.