Halfords are the only company making money right now and we think we know why….

 Bicycle sales are UP while the rest of the market would seem to be in economic decline. Could this be why?

Thousands of people have been taking to the streets recently on their bikes riding NAKED. It really is happening all around the world as a protest to highlight the damage caused to the planet by car dependency. Although some might be doing it just to get a tan!
People of both sexes, all ages and every conceivable shape and size decided to fully disrobe to promote road safety and cycling as an environmentally-friendly form of transport. Shouting "save the planet" as they peddled naked. But some riders tried to preserve their modesty with body paint and strategically-placed flowers during the events, most of which ended with a post-ride swim or picnic.

Just out of curiosity... if there was a "naked bike ride protest" in your town, would you join in too? Do let us know. For those in the world that didn't know... Halfords sell bikes...